Message from Managing Director

Dear visitors to technologist Agent website:

Thank you very much for visiting technologist Agent’s website today. All of us are working hard to achieve our mission: “No. 1 Customer satisfaction through our high-quality service”.

We recognize the assurance to our service quality to be one of our primary values. As a bilingual facilitator company, we reflect this recognized value into our various activities every day.

Each one of us is working hard to improve day-to-day service quality with a strong ambition to become a passionate and sincere supporter to the customers.

Please read about our company and contact us if you have any questions or would like to find out more about our services in details.


Managing Director Takashi Yokoi

Expanded the wide range of bilingual services to over 500 companies including global companies by consulting with their executives and providing the system design, planning, implementation and operational support.

Became independent after contributing to the performance improvements of the number of companies including the system introduction to the entire Asia region and sales consulting to more than 2,000-user system construction projects. Founded a facilitator service company leveraging the global executives network, over 600 technologists connections, and the affiliations with the personnel care and counselling services to foreigners with an ambitious vision to support the Japan’s labor force and realize the service model to support the handicapped to work in the society. Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University with Business Administration.



Representative at Foreign IT services company (a subsidiary of JASDAQ listed company)

Director at Domestic marketing management company (a subsidiary of JASDAQ listed company)

Adviser at Life Bridges GmbH

Bilingual, Facilitation, Service Delivery

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